SSGM is a Non-profit organization founded in 2022. As a membership driven organization, the Society has set itself to be a leading edge in sustainability and green materials. The Society has high professional members (corporate and individuals), and corporate partners representing all sectors and disciples’ spectrum of the building and material industry We encourage all our organizations and individuals who have commitments and passion to sustainable development to join us and work together in partnership to bring about positive change to enhance the environment and t serve the sustainability community.

Our approach is unique, and through raising awareness and knowledge sharing in sustainability and green materials, we aim to support in developing appropriate policies and regulations in these fields. As one of our main objectives, we will ensure the UAE is well placed among leading countries that provide global knowledge in sustainability focusing on green materials. The Society is currently based in Dubai; however, we aim to have further representative offices in the region.

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Vision and Mission

Our Vision is to promote and advance Sustainability and Green Materials.

Our Mission is to create a platform and unify efforts for developing Sustainability and Green Materials and develop substantial database that allow the UAE to be considered as a global reference in this field.

Our Activities and Services

Training is one of the main activities of the Society. Organizing and facilitating training workshops in key areas of Sustainability and Green Materials, will benefit the manpower in both the public and private sectors. The training workshops will be provided by distinguished international experts. The providers and training materials will be carefully selected to ensure fulfilling the local requirements for developing the skills and knowledge of local and regional organizations.

We will work closely with relevant Authorities to develop guidance and technical recommendations about sustainability and green materials. All publications should be free and accessible for all including non-members of our Society.

Our trainings and other services will be updated and announced by the Society as appropriate.