Education & Knowledge

SSGM thrives to bring courses and workshops to all its valued members and it aims to be a market leader in raising knowledge and awareness in sustainability and green materials. These are one of the key objectives of the Society, which the community can benefit from, to advance in raising awareness and enriching the knowledge in the sustainability and green materials. This can be achieved by support and facilitating networks of scientists and engineer’s educators., A number of contact channels will be developed and set up to deploy this, such as special Interest Group, interactive workshops and different trainings platforms to further exchange information between universities, research institutions and industry; develop a network of interested and committed scientist’s engineers, and share expertise and ideas for best practice in sustainably and Green buildings and materials education.  SSGM focus will be on undergraduate and postgraduate education and research works at large, but it will also be involved in continuing education activities as well as promoting the profession in schools and industry sectors through the collaborative works to achieve the mutual benefits of all parties and its valued members.

The interactive channels will be led by our dedicated member volunteers and focused taskgroups. All members (new or existing), who would like to be involved in the launch of this new technical networking community, are welcomed and their participation will be highly encouraged and supported and is a plus added to their membership grads.

The SSGM education and knowledge will be the best platform to showcase your innovative expertise as well as gain more awareness from our highly knowledgeable enriched members in this area that benefits all members in all education establishments, research institutions and industrial sectors.

SSGM education aims to provide all members with hands-on, practical training delivered by experienced sustainability, green materials and buildings professionals — giving you the information, tools and practice necessary to quickly integrate what you learn into your workplace and to elevate and share knowledge too. This gained vast knowledge coupled with our first class education can translate into real results for your business with countless benefits — helping you to advance your career and supporting your case to have your employer invest in your continuing education and SSGM membership.

SSGM will offer a robust education calendar, full of online and in-person learning, and digital class rooms opportunities throughout the year. Plus, education is discounted and sometimes even free for certain membership grades—just could be one of SSGM’s many member grad benefits.

SSGM is a learning, knowledge sharing and continued education platform hub for all its members.