Strategic Advisory

We at SSGM pride ourselves with the ability to combine technical sustainability insight with management strategic consulting advisory and business acumen. We aim to advising local and regional companies on important business decisions by providing strategic advice on Green materials and buildings. It generally includes researching and analysing issues, identifying challenges and opportunities, and making recommendations to add value to the business and secure all its ROIs.

Working with different organizations as a strategic advisory partner through the membership, SSGM will act from an unbiased perspective, to help raising those unasked questions, play a key role in businesses medium and long term green materials and sustainability in general, do the impartiality role and all the analytical thinking and be a strong bridge of communication channels with all relvant stakeholders in the process.

SSGM envisages the vast benefits from our green strategic advisory that can bring along to your organization, this can be demonstrated in the shared sense of responsibility; increase in the business operational efficiency among all leaders; improve staff satisfaction and their retention and manage expectation and a sustained market competitive edge.