SSGM thrive to bring courses and workshops to all members and aims to become a market leader in sustainability and green materials training and workshops it will provide. We are proud to support the professional development of all engineers, students, environmentalists, consultants, and scientists. We will offer an extensive range of quality-assured courses to help you develop and enrich your sustainability and green materials knowledge.

Examples of topics to be covered include sustainability, climate change, green buildings, green materials, water efficiency, and carbon emissions , etc.

Our courses are available to anyone working in the industry of sustainability and green material. . You do not need to be an SSGM Member to attend any course, but we encourage you to become a member to benefit from discounted course fees, in addition to other benefits.

Quality-assured training: 

You are in safe hands with SSGM training and workshops. All our courses will be peer-reviewed by experts to ensure they reflect best practice and current thinking. Our highly skilled trainers are Chartered professionals, University professors and industry leaders (or equivalent) with extensive experience in their field of work. As a result, we endeavour consistently to get excellent feedback from our course participants at large.

Choose your course type

  • Online(digital) – flexible online attendance with live discussion the trainer
  • Face-to-face –  in person attendance with interactive communication with the trainer 
  • In-company – on-site or online
  • On-demand – pre-recorded content for independent study online

Training is one of the main activities of the Society. Organizing and facilitating training workshops in key areas of Sustainability and Green Materials, will benefit the manpower in public and private organizations. The training workshops will be provided by distinguished international experts. The providers and training materials will be carefully selected to ensure fulfilling the local requirements for developing the skills and knowledge of local organizations. Such trainings will be announced by the Society as appropriate

Our trainings will be updated and announced by the Society as appropriate.