Green Consultation

We here at SSGM aims to be a pioneers for sustainable novel solutions in sustainability and green materials. With our innovative and creative approach to managing sustainability projects across the industry spectrum, this will enable these businesses to achieve their environmental and social responsibility aspirations and targets, as many businesses have recognised the importance of addressing sustainability within their practices and have taken the first steps to improve their environmental and social performance. There are also great cost saving benefits of implementing a practical sustainability plan, especially for businesses in the manufacturing, logistics, construction, and food service industries.

SSGM technical experts and professionals will support you and work in partnership with your business to plan and build a sustainability platform or sustainability programme framework that is fully integrated with your business strategic plan. We will add value by coming in at any stage of your project/program phase: from guidance on identifying the direction for your sustainability plan to take, through to management of any element within it. Joining SSGM as an active member will add a tremendous benefit to enable your business complete a comprehensive overview of your operations; covering energy, water, waste, purchasing, food, transportation, buildings, to identify where improvements can be made.

Quality-assured training: 

You are in safe hands with SSGM training and workshops. All our courses will be peer-reviewed by experts to ensure they reflect best practice and current thinking. Our highly skilled trainers are Chartered professionals, University professors and industry leaders (or equivalent) with extensive experience in their field of work. As a result, we endeavour consistently to get excellent feedback from our course participants at large.

Choose your course type

  • Online(digital) – flexible online attendance with live discussion the trainer
  • Face-to-face –  in person attendance with interactive communication with the trainer 
  • In-company – on-site or online
  • On-demand – pre-recorded content for independent study online

SSGM will further assist businesses to create waste management programmes that can have a truly positive impact on your bottom line, whilst also improving your public image and customer relations.

Contact SSGM and become a member and you will find out a lot more about the benefits of our Green consultation service on a number of fields, climate change, green materials, trainings and how we can help you to save you money, improve your public image and your customer relations with a waste management programme.