At SSGM we aim to support the local communities and the society as a whole. Through webinars, physical events, technical presentations, social events and membership or SSGM activities, we will organize a variety of events, which will be available to all members and non-members. Some events will be dedicated for members only. For such events, members will be asked to log in to a dedicated platform -MySSGM- to view and register.

A number of groups will be arranged to serve the community. These groups will be looking after: include promoting climate change initiatives, sustainability events, green materials, water efficiency carbon foot print and emissions…. etc. They organise events and co-ordinate local support. Their activity programmes offer opportunities for members to network, share ideas and promote the discipline at a regional level, and are tailored to meet local community needs.

Another group that serve the community is Special interest groups (SIGs). Such group consist of members sharing common expertise and interests by organising physical and virtual events and activities in climate change, sustainability, green materials, water efficiency, and buildings that allow members to share knowledge and discuss subjects specific to that group. SSGM members will be entitled to join SIGs as part of their membership package.

Another group is Communities of practice group. These will be groups focused on joint problem-solving and technical policy and governance, working together to share knowledge, build networks and co-ordinate policy activities with governments and other key stakeholders in line with SSGM vision and strategy.