Niranjan was the former CEO of Eros Group Dubai, and he is currently engaged as a part time Independent Consultant Director and Board Advisor.
Niranjan is known for the ability to assist in creating and implementing a vision plan and has demonstrated the ability and expertise to transform regional groups and organizations into international brands.
Niranjan holds a first-class degree in Mechanical Engineering, and an MBA in Marketing. He has attended several top management courses at various institutions  across the world.
Niranjan has over 41 years of experience and accomplishments in hardcore senior management, with a strong exposure in handling and developing international businesses. Within this 41 year period, Niranjan has lived and worked in India, Hong Kong, Germany, Singapore and Dubai. Out of these 40 years, he has spent 30 plus years in Dubai.
His areas of expertise include General management, strategy, and implementation, building and scaling up teams and processes, grooming and mentoring future leaders, international business development, handling international start-ups and marketing.
He has had the experience of working in various large multinational global organizations such as SKF Bearings, HSBC, Xerox, large Indian Corporate Groups, Govt of China as well as closely held medium-to-large international companies.
Niranjan has travelled on a regular basis to over 60 countries around the world and has extensive knowledge of various regions including Middle East, South-East, South Asia, India, CIS, Parts of Africa and parts of Europe. Gidwani Position in SSGM is-Founder Member.