Innovation and technical Expertise

In today’s materials and buildings industry, some are already capable of became carbon sinks, rather than contributing to global greenhouse gas(GHG), computational design, and material engineering. The question yet remains to be asked is, how to move innovative sustainable solutions; without polluting ecosystems along the way; and the technical experts into the mainstream of these industrial processes. SSGM role becomes key to facilitate and bridge the gap in these industries, by empowering and supporting ambitious thought leaders and experts to catapult into a sustainable future.

We strive to be a knowledge-based, innovative and technical enterprise in sustainability and Green materials. To keeping up with our dedication and commitment to provide innovative, creative and high-tech solutions for our valued member clients and partners, we have selected a diversified, highly technically oriented team in SSGM. By becoming pro-active instead of passive, we not are leading the way in our core competence by using the latest technologies, but we are also helping to drive sustainability innovations in industry; research and development by continually deploying new techniques, materials and processes. Innovation is not only good for business, but it is essential to our sustainable development strategies ensuring that we can continue to help our local and regional community to meet the demands of diverse and dynamic markets, new technologies and changing business paradigms in Green materials .

To advance and expand our knowledge to the community, we will continually explore with, adopt, facilitate and integrate different skills and techniques found while working with many industries such as Engineering, manufacturing, oil and gas, utilities, energy sectors, buildings; construction and cosmetics, etc. Successful integration of the new technologies in these industries is an integral part of SSGM strategy growth, enabling us to offer a myriad of innovative business solutions for our partners and their customers. By formalizing this strategy, we can ensure our continued development and technological success locally and regionally.