SSGM Joins Global Leaders at COP28 in EXPO City to Promote Sustainable Practices

May 7, 2023
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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) will host the 28th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28) at Expo City Dubai in November 2023. The event aims to unite the world towards an agreement on bold, practical, and ambitious solutions to the most pressing global challenge of our time.

COP28 is of particular significance as it marks the conclusion of the first Global Stocktake, a comprehensive assessment of the progress made in achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement. The UAE aims to keep the 1.5°C goal alive and ensure that the world responds to the Stocktake with a clear plan of action.

The event will welcome high-level participation, including over 140 heads of state, senior government leaders, over 80,000 delegates, and more than 5,000 media professionals. As host, the UAE will mobilize action around a “major course correction” to accelerate emissions reductions while ensuring energy security.

Since its inception in 1971, the UAE has supported the global climate agenda and viewed climate change as a challenge that must be overcome. As a country undergoing a major energy transition, the UAE has committed to an economy-wide reduction in emissions and announced a Net Zero by 2050 strategic initiative, proving its commitment to raising ambition for climate action.

The UAE’s hosting of COP28 builds on the country’s track record of action to meet the global climate challenge. As a global hub for logistics, transportation, and green technology, the country is uniquely positioned to build bridges and foster consensus to accelerate inclusive climate progress.