The SSGM Sustainability Hub will come into live soon. It will be led by the Society Founders, Founding Members, Directors, under the governance of the Board of Directors.


Working with key operating functions across a spectrum of industry, our sustainability dedicated members will use the latest technology, tools and practices to identify and deliver a clear scope which is aimed to meet the SSGM Sustainability Hub Vision of Success.

Our Sustainability Hub Vision of success purpose is to deliver sustainability knowledge resource.  Vision of the society success is to inspire and support all types and grades of SSGM members to make a positive impact on sustainability as defined by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

  • throughout their learning and professional careers
  • by providing quality sustainability knowledge that improves understanding and competency
  • by leveraging the experience and know-how in their organisation and our network.

The main strands of resources in the SSGM Sustainability Hub can be summarized as: (a) training; (b) knowledge from available free publications; (c) and signposted knowledge.
These resources will help all members to develop and learn throughout their professional careers.

Access to expert volunteers from the membership is the critical success factors, therefore a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) will elect and select its members to provide resources and knowledge review. These members will actively be engaged in supporting the creation and launch of the Sustainability Hub. Success of the Sustainability Hub will be measures by, number of research papers published; visits to Sustainability Hub; Sustainability trainings conducted; articles of sustainability in SSGM periodic newsletter etc.

SSGM Sustainability Hub will consider all relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with the focus on Green Materials and Buildings.